In addition to youth involved in the court system, LCYC also provides legal services to youth who are or are at risk of becoming homeless and are under the age of eighteen years.  LCYC is planning an expansion of these services with Street Youth Legal Advocates for Washington (SYLAW). (Learn more here).

Most often, LCYC meets in-person with the youth to learn more about his or her current familial situations and provide advice on options moving forward.  While these youth are not currently in open dependencies, leaving these issues unaddressed could eventually lead to additional court involvement and or continued time on the streets.  LCYC’s initial interventions are designed to help avoid these increased costs to the youth and State.

LCYC has provided legal counsel for youth involved in situations including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Mother abandoned the youth years ago and father is facing deportation proceedings.  The youth has no parent at home to care for him, but he does have a suitable adult willing to help.
  • Youth is no longer welcome at home due to her identification with the LGBTQ community.  Youth needs legal advice as to other forms of securing placement and permanency.
  • Youth is afraid to return home because of physical, emotional and verbal abuse.  Youth needs legal advice about Child Protective Services, the dependency system, family law, and other forms of securing safety, placement and permanency.

If you are a youth, under the age of eighteen, who is homeless or at risk of becoming homeless due to family conflict and safety concerns at home you can contact LCYC at 206-494-0323 or email our Executive Director, Erin Lovell at

Si eres un joven, menor de los dieciocho años, que está sin hogar o en riesgo de quedarse sin hogar debido a conflictos familiares y la seguridad en su hogar, usted puede ponerse en contacto con LCYC al 206-494-0323 x706  o 704. Usted también puede enviar una de nuestras abogadas bilingüe Chach Duarte White ( o Alexandra Narvaez (