SYLAW helped me clean up the wreckage of my past so that I could regain custody of my child and be the father I always wanted to be. Without a resolution to my seemingly impossible legal hurdles my life may have remained stagnate. With the help of SYLAW I was able to watch my problems dissipate and feel like my dreams really could come to fruition. Now, I am a soon to be graduate of UW Math and have been accepted into the Applied Math masters program at UW—a far cry from homelessness, crime and addiction. My son and I grow together in a way I could have only dreamed of and SYLAW was an integral part of making this happen. Thank you!

sylaw partnership: reigniting legal services for homeless youth

Street Youth Legal Advocates of Washington (SYLAW) and LCYC have entered into partnership to relaunch the critical direct legal services SYLAW previously provided to homeless youth and young adults in King County.  

SYLAW is a Washington 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation whose mission is to help homeless and at-risk youth ages 12-24 overcome unlawful barriers to education, employment, public benefits, and housing through negotiation, litigation, legal education and policy related advocacy.  SYLAW accomplishes its mission by bringing direct legal services directly to places that youth hang out and in a way that youth can understand.  

SYLAW, YouthCare and LCYC have committed financial and in-kind resources to support a six month pilot project tentatively scheduled to begin in June 2016.  The continuation of the project will be dependent upon a larger commitment from the community to support this much needed resource for King County's homeless youth and young adults.  


direct civil legal services

When the project commences, an LCYC staff attorney will begin providing direct civil legal services to homeless youth, ages 12-24, addressing issues such as housing, employment, family law, public benefits, record sealing and consumer law.  The staff attorney will provide outreach to and accept referrals from non-legal youth service providers and drop-in centers.  Please stay posted for further details regarding the commencement of services.  


support the launch and continuation of expansive direct services for homeless youth

If you are interested in aiding with the launch or continuation of the project's direct legal services to King County's homeless youth, consider making a donation today.  If you would like to restrict your donation to LCYC to this project, click here.  

Questions about the SYLAW Partnership may also be directed to SYLAW Board Member Katie Meyer Scott at or LCYC's Executive Director, Erin L. Lovell at