"I am very impressed with the caliber of service provided by LCYC. Their staff attorneys are very professional and go above and beyond to advocate for and serve their clients"

-DSHS Social Worker

"I have had the pleasure of working with three attorneys at LCYC, in three separate dependencies. In every case, my foster youth were represented in a courteous and professional manner. The attorneys have worked not only around the child's schedule, but around ours, as well. 

We are a therapeutic foster home, that receives foster youth with emotional and behavioral issues. The agency has always maintained a good relationship with my youth. For us, that is so stabilizing. I cannot tell you how many times the attorney has gone above and beyond their jobs, to keep our youth feeling heard and cared for, without pandering to immature or angry demands. Whenever I hear that I will be working with this agency, I feel like I have another vested team member. They make a huge difference in the life of my children, by being consistent and responsive.

- Foster Parent

"I appreciate that LCYC utilizes the youth voice so well in the work that is done.  It is refreshing to see the youth really drive their own case because of the representation they receive from LCYC."                                                                                                                 -Social Worker

"I’m so glad LCYC exists! They set the standard for high quality ethical representation of children and youth.  No one else in public defense comes close to their high quality advocacy for kids."                                                                                                           -CASA Supervisor

"LCYC has attorneys that are dedicated, caring and go out of their way to advocate for their clients.  LCYC seems really committed to fully supporting their attorneys, so that they can provide the best possible work for their clients."                                    - DSHS Social Worker

"The LCYC attorney was VERY active and did an excellent job on behalf of my grandson. I don’t think the results would have been as successful without her help. (returned home to father)"                                                                                                              -Child's Grandmother

"This is an absolutely vital organization for children.  I've been involved with a certain case now for almost four years and it has taken many twists and turns.  The current LCYC attorney assigned to one of the children has been amazing and I am so grateful she is on board!"

                                                                                                                                    - CASA Volunteer

"LCYC advocates strongly for stated interests of the child and works collaboratively with all parties. LCYC is a small agency, but I'm hoping one day it will get bigger as more and more children come into the system. We need strong advocates in their corner to ensure their voice does not get lost in the court/legal process."                                             - DSHS Social Worker

"The LCYC attorney is EXCELLENT in all areas of law and representation, specifically youth representation.  The only attorney around who gets through the child’s point of view with handwritten declarations.  They also actively support co-counsel and parents."

                                                                                                                                  - Parent's Attorney

"I am so happy my child has an attorney.  It has been an invaluable resource for them and a true voice to speak for them."                                                                  - Suitable Adult Caregiver

"The LCYC attorney acts as an advocate – goes above and beyond! Thanks for being a valuable resource for the kids we serve."                                                                                 - Foster Parent

"LCYC advocates amplify the voices of children within the complex dependency process.  They represent with integrity."                                                                  - Family Treatment Court Staff